ESG- Strategy 2025


Corporate social responsibility

We declare that as part of the Company's activities, we undertake and will continue to make efforts to improve society, maintain balance and protect the environment. This is a provision from the Social Responsibility Policy of the Capital Group of Grupa Kęty S.A., which has been showing our way of social commitment for many years. The Policy of Corporate Social Responsibility, respecting, promoting and developing the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, to which we are a signatory, or other CSR standards and processes define the framework and horizons of our activities.

In 2020, we prepared and published the Strategy for 2021-2025, in which for the first time the Company parameterized and presented obligations related to the ESG area in the form of sustainable development goals, including environmental impact, employee safety and development, and responsibility in the supply chain and involvement in the local community, as one of the key factors for the implementation of the Strategy.

Corporate social responsibility

Preparing for such an approach and including significant aspects in the new strategy, we analyzed the current directions of the Capital Group's involvement, verifying their effectiveness and qualifying them for specific Sustainable Development goals. We took into account new challenges, including those related to climate change, respect for human rights and responsibility in the supply chain. We focused on the expectations of employees, one of the leading stakeholder groups in our organization. We analyzed our impacts, risks and tried to follow our superior Mission, Vision and Values.

The area of Corporate Social Responsibility, due to its wide scope and our priority approach to sustainable development, its managed in the division of the CSR Director, and strategic decisions in the field of environmental issues, including climate and social issues, are taken upon meetings of the Steering Committee for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility

We have set specific quantitative and qualitative goals to be implemented during the Strategy period.

Strategy goals 2025 .pdf (273 kB) Download file

Risk management in relation to social and employee issues, the natural environment, respect for human rights and anti-corruption


We present selected indicators in the field of environmental protection. The full scope of the data presented together with a description of our approach is included in the Management Board's Report on the operations of the Company and the Capital Group (pp. 46-59)


We present the ratio of equal remuneration and the approach to the diversity policy in relation to the management and supervisory bodies of the Company. The full scope of data in the employee and social area, together with a description of our approach, can be found in the Report of the Management Board of Grupa Kęty S.A. on the operations of the Company and the Capital Group in 2020 (page 35-46)


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