The social commitment of Grupa Kęty is especially manifested in its approach towards the environmental protection. The company assumed and applies the principle of preventing pollution by eliminating its sources.

Therefore, first of all, we strive to eliminate pollution through the proper organisation and selection of manufacturing techniques and methods. The company’s environmental interest is focused on responsible management of production processes, centred on ecological effectiveness and the application of environmentally-friendly technologies and practices.

We aim at effective use of resources and reduction of pollution and waste. We focus primarily on the implementation of new technologies, reduced use of materials and energy, rational consumption of water and the elimination of waste and hazardous materials. As regards our products, we apply the approach based fully on the product life cycle, reducing the environmental impact through the effective process of sourcing and recovering aluminium waste from the market produced in the manufacturing process, ending with the recycling of products at the end of their lives.

We emphasize the communication with stakeholders and the support of local environmental initiatives. Each year, the company draws up the Environmental Report, which presents the results of taken actions and the effects of the environmental activities, at the same time settling the commitments undertaken before. This is an important element of Grupa Kęty’s informational and educational campaign.

Environmental Policy of Grupa KĘTY


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